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Pubblicato in data: 06 Apr 2017

Hossegor, FR - The Android Wear 2.0 update is now available for Nixon’s smartwatch, The Mission. As part of the update, Mission wearers now have access to an improved user interface, standalone apps, and enhancements to existing smartwatch functionalities. The updated features are available to both Android and iPhone users.

The Android Wear 2.0 software update provides Mission users with:

The ability to download apps straight to The Mission from the on-watch Google Play(TM) store

Enhanced messaging and fitness apps, including Google Fit

The Google Assistant built-in. Just hold the power button.

Customizable watch faces with information pulled from favorite apps and

adjustable sub-dial icons

Ambient mode for chronograph and timer functions

New color combinations of Nixon’s Sentry, Unit and Ranger watch faces

In mid-April, Nixon will also debut its Mission iOS app for iPhone to its consumers. The iOS app will provide iPhone users with the brand’s real-time “Shred Alerts” feature making snow and surf conditions available at the glance of the wrist. To remain up to date on latest features, opt into Mission updates at

Download high-resolution imageries here

For more information and press inquiries, please contact Angélique Couéraud (angelique@nixoneurope)

About Nixon
Founded in 1998 in Encinitas, California, Nixon is a premium, global watch and accessories brand. Nixon’s team-designed, custom-built watches and accessories are sold in the best boardsport, fashion and specialty retailers in over 90 countries around the world. For more information, please visit:

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