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Hossegor, FR- The 12th edition of the Nixon Surf Challenge went down in the icy water of Iceland, just below the polar circle. Despite of the freezing temperatures, Nixon team riders and invited friends showed some hot action and plenty of skills on the volcanic reefs of the Island. A mystical scenery, next-to-unknown spots, plenty of tricks and a sick crew – that’s the winning formula making this event once more an unforgettable experience. Props go in particular to Vincent Duvignac who went home as the overall winner of the event, guest star Chippa Wilson showcasing his insane moves inventory and pocketing the best trick award, and José Maria Cabrera who rocked Iceland by day and big night. Watch it now, here. For the complete press release of the event, click here For print exclusive usage pictures, contact For web usage copyright free pictures, click here Find out more: 

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