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An Amazing Day Three At Restaurants! The swell jumped up from yesterday and this morning it quickly became evident that Restaurants would be the best venue for today’s competition. The waves were pumping all day right in front of Tavarua where the world tour surfers were taking their craft to another level with long barrels, critical turns and fierce competitive strategy at one of surfing’s most exciting playing fields. The day saw a bit of everything competitive surfing has to offer including some exciting upsets and buzzer beaters. Yadin Nichol took down world number 1 Adriano De Souza, Kolohe Andino beat last years runner up Gabriel Medina and tour rookie Sebastian Zietz defeated veteran Ace Buchan scoring an 8.93 with seconds left. The standouts of the day were John John Florence and Jordy Smith. John John scored the highest heat total of the day with a near perfect 19.80 in his round 2 heat against Bede Durbidge. Jordy surfed incredibly strong in the last heat of the day ending up with am 18.30 heat total sending Kieren Perrow into a combination situation he couldn’t recover from.

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