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VOLCON FIJI PRO, VQS GLOBAL CHAMPS NOTIZIE GIORNO FINALE – Check Out the Volcom Fiji Pro! Slade Prestwich Wins The 2013 VQS Global Champs!!! 18-year old South African surfer Slade Prestwich has won the 2013 VQS Global Champs! The powerful regularfoot from Durban used big turns and precision barrel riding to get past runner up Deivid Silva from Brazil. “I’m so stoked to have won this,” he said. “Thanks to all my friends back home, my sponsors, Volcom for putting on the event, and all the other guys in the comp—we’ve had the best time ever hanging out together at Smuggler’s Cove!” – Slade The Volcom VQS is a global series of contests that are free to enter, and culminate in regional championships. The winners of the regional championships were invited to Fiji to participate in the 2013 VQS Global Champs. Congrats Slade!

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