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Pubblicato in data: 20 Aug 2013

Segui l' ex campione del mondo CJ Hobgood e il futuro campione del mondiale Jordy Smith fino a Tahiti.

E' bene essere molto, molto entusiasti di questa serie da 21 giorni. E' probabilmente la nostra pi interessante serie ancora. CJ Hobgood, 2001 Campione del Mondo, sta gi facendo gli occhi alla vita dopo il World Tour - l'unico problema che lui troppo bravo a ritirarsi...(Riprende qui sotto)

Follow former World Champ CJ Hobgood and future World Champ Jordy Smith as they lead up to Tahiti.

Its OK to be really, really excited about this series of 21Days. Its probably our most interesting series yet. CJ Hobgood, 2001 World Champion, is already making eyes for life beyond the World Tour the only problem is that hes too goddamn good to leave. Meanwhile, Jordy Smith is on the opposite end of the spectrum.

He is just beginning to figure out how things work on tour and now he seems like a lock for a World Title in the next several years. Both have had their high and low points in 2013, and the Billabong Pro Tahiti means a lot to both surfers for a multitude of different reasons.

So, as we said, its totally fine to have a burning urge to watch this one pan out. Because quite frankly, a world where you cant exclusively follow two fully grown men around for 21 days is a world that we want nothing to do with it.

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