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Pubblicato in data: 06 May 2014

Hossegor, FR- The Nixon Surf Challenge 2014 in association with Monster Energy, Reef and Lomography is gearing up for another memorable and unique edition, this time pointing it to the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East from 5-11 May.

The peninsula, located as far east as you can go in the Motherland, is sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Sea of Okhotsk to the west. Just about as desolate as surf spots come, Kamchatka represents unchartered territory for the Nixon Surf Challenge and the next chapter of adventure, exploration and camaraderie for the 10 surfers invited to take part. The Russian outpost, home to the spectacular volcanoes of Kamchatka, is known for its raw natural beauty and unforgiving climate. In the colder months, Arctic winds from Siberia combined with a frigid sea current from the Sea of Okhotsk mean much of the peninsula remains blanketed in snow right up until the end of May.

The Nixon Surf Challenge, which has in recent years explored equally cold and remote spots including Iceland's dramatic coastline and Norway's insanely beautiful Lofoten Islands, will showcase a selection of Europe's finest surfing talents including returning Nixon team riders Benjamin Sanchis and Marc Lacomare.

"When it comes to Russia, you can't take anything for granted. I can't wait to head east and explore the region without having any idea what's waiting for us around the next corner," said Vincent Duvignac, voted Best Overall surfer in 2013. "That's the beauty of adventure - the only thing you can expect is the unexpected."

Franck Corbery, Nixon Europe Marketing Director, is pumped to be taking the Nixon Surf Challenge to new ground and water in Russia, saying: "After the success of last year's event in Iceland, the whole crew was determined to re-capture the spirit of discovery and camaraderie that accompanied that unforgettable week. Surf trips to the Russian Far East are few and far between to say the least, and we're just itching to get off the plane and explore that incredible terrain and coastline."

The Nixon Surf Challenge 2014 in association with Monster Energy, Reef and Lomography - Invited riders to date:

Benjamin SANCHIS (FRA)
Marlon LIPKE (POR)

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