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Pubblicato in data: 09 Mar 2016

Nixon è orgogliosa di annunciare l 'entrata di Jack Freestone nel Global Surf Team:

Hailing from Coolangatta, Australia, Jack represents the new guard in professional surfing. A long supporter of the brand at the regional level, Jack’s move to the Global Team will put him in good company with some of the world’s most influential surfers including, John John Florence, Josh Kerr, Nathan Fletcher, Chippa Wilson, Conner Coffin, and Rob Machado.

Said Jack, “I am so stoked to be a part of the Nixon family and look forward to seeing where this adventure will take me.”

Guarda il video:

First garnering large-scale attention as he earned the ASP Men’s World Junior Championship title in 2010, Jack humbly accepted the win attributing it as a “fluke”. Jack has since gone on to take home a second ASP Junior Title and recently qualified for a spot on the WSL proving he is anything but. The surfing world can look forward to Jack bringing his infectious personality, fun attitude and above the lip prowess to the tour this year.

"It’s exciting to have Jack officially represent Nixon front-and-center,” said Nixon Marketing Manager, Michel Murciano. “He is a part of a new generation in professional surfing and has the ability, smarts and style to take Nixon to a new level. Jack is an incredibly talented surfer and we are excited for the coming years as we know he will become a household name and turn heads in the water.”

Welcome to the team Jack!
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