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Pubblicato in data: 21 Mar 2016

Master of the Ocean: Coronation Party!

After several days of nonstop action right by the beach, the heat has been brought! The Championship for watermen and waterwomen has come to an end in the Millenium Hotel. With good ambience and fresh moods, all the participants of this year’s Master of the Ocean came to celebrate the results just in.

Once all attendees stand around the podium, Patricia Hiraldo and Marcus Bohm, main organizers, took to the mic to give big thanks to the Dominican Ministries of Tourism and Sports, along with all the athletes and sponsors that made the event possible.

“We stand for surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and SUP. But more than this, we stand for the youth of Cabarete! Sometimes reality is better than imagination. Reality is this town belongs to watersports, and this event has been a dream come true! Thanks to all!” - Marcus Bohm

All winners were called in order, while the crowd demostrated the love. Waves of shoutouts, hugs and cheers to the athletes. Be like water, our friends.


Final Overall Results:

1. Zane Schweitzer

2. Luciano Gonzalez

3. Brandon Sanford

4. Emmanuel Rondon

Teams Final Results:

1. Terminator team

2. Venezuela team

3. Millenium team

4. No Name team

Women’s division:

1. Carolina Comino

2. Shelby Schweitzer

Best Performance

Surf: Derek Gomes

SUP: Francisco Hernandez

Kiteboard: Luciano Gonzalez

Windsurf: Zane Schweitzer

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