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Pubblicato in data: 25 Jun 2017

We’re calling on individuals, activists and organizations across the world to participate with us on this International Day of Action. Join activists at a location near you on or around September 1st and make a difference for dolphins.

In less than three months, the brutal capture and slaughter of dolphins will take place in the infamous cove in Taiji, Japan, as documented by the Academy Award-winning film 'The Cove'. Between the months of September and March, approximately 2000 dolphins of various species will be subject to harassment, injury, capture and slaughter, all in the name of greed and ignorance.

We are calling on YOU to help us end the horror – by letting the Japanese government know that these crimes against nature are unacceptable to the rest of the world. Together, we must speak out against these atrocities, while informing others about this tragedy.

“For the past two years, fewer dolphins were killed in Taiji. We are making a difference but won’t stop until the slaughter in Taiji comes to a permanent end.”

~ Ric O’Barry, Founder/Director of Dolphin Project

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