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AUSSIE DAY 2014 - 06 Jul 2014
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Aussie Day 2014
Milano Marittima, bagno Sail & Fun - [url][/url]
Giovedì 10 Luglio 2014 • Ore 15:00 [url][/url]

Scopri l'Australia, surf & music on the beach ...

Filmmaker Chris McClean traveled to Ireland this winter as the Atlantic went ballistic with three giant storms in two weeks. There were power cuts, floods, and cancelled ferries. And some great waves. Mullaghmore reared its ugly head for one of the biggest paddle sessions the spot has ever seen and Fergal Smith was on it. Afterwards Fergal headed south with Tom Lowe and Ollie O'Flaherty to an unna ...

Andrew Cotton is in Nazaré, Portugal for one of the biggest swells of the winter. Unfortunately there are no jet skis in town and no jet skis means no surfing. After a frustrating paddle session, Andrew's friends Sebastian Steudtner and Tom Butler show up. Together they scrounge up some jet skis to rent. What ensues is an awesome tow-in session with just three guys out whipping each other into som ...

Who Needs A Wakeboard When You Can Ride A Plank Of Wood?

The French Riviera is not a place that is traditionally known for its board sports. So when Julie Vichnievski and Charline Peurey showed up with a snowboard and a strangely-shaped plank of wood, they raised a few eyebrows. Then they hooked themselves up with a boat and got down to ripping. Check them out as they put a ...

Lunedì 30 Giugno, si è tenuta presso il Pontile di Forte dei Marmi, la prima edizione del Pontile Surf Shop Contest. Un contest realizzato esclusivamente per tutti i migliori surf shop della Toscana.

6 i negozi presenti a questa prima edizione, Wave Shop/Cinquale, Radical Trick/Marina di Carrara, Pura Vida/Massa, Inside Boardshop/Lido di Camaiore, Sporty/Camaiore ed il Quiksilver Bo ...

Giunto con successo alla sua 16^ edizione si terrà anche quest'anno l’Italia Surf Expo, il Festival più importante in Italia per gli amanti del water-sport e di questo stile di vita. A fare da cornice la splendida location di Santa Severa a pochi chilometri da Roma, sulla spiaggia libera del Castello Odescalchi.
Nel corso delle tre giornate molteplici saranno le attività e gli eventi: esibi ...

Era il migliore inverno per i surfisti delle grandi onde ma comunque il peggiore degli inverni:

It was the best of winters for big wave surfers and it was the worst of winters. In this episode of Behind the Lines, Andrew Cotton, one of the men in the thick of it all, recounts amazing stories from his historic tow-in session with Garrett McNamara and gives us a peek into the logistic ...

Patrick Beven is a French surfer who loves to paddle out at the sandy pits of Hossegor when it gets big. Patrick has one seriously cool and relaxed tube game. Sit back and enjoy watching him style through some throaty drainers. Don't be fooled by all this steeze though, this is some heavy, board-breaking surf.

watch video - [url] ...

In this episode of Behind the Lines Andrew Cotton heads to Nazaré during the St Jude storm for one of the craziest and scariest surfing sessions of his life. As he and tow partner Garrett McNamara chase monsters, fellow big wave charger Maya Gabeira's lifeless body is pulled from the sea by her tow partner Carlos Burle, driving home the reality of the risks these athletes face in the most dangero ...

L'occhio di Valerio Rigaldo, filmmaker professionista, ha mixato a perfezione i contenuti e le emozioni della giornata di Sabato 7 Giugno.

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1 Umberto Manca
2 Piero Codecà

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