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Questa settimana vedrete un dietro le quinte diretto a Taiwan:

This week in our little behind-the-scenes peak into the making of Nathan Myers's new surf film, Se7en Signs, we head to Taiwan to chase typhoon swells with Chris Del Moro and Daniel Jones.

As soon as they get off the plane they get badly lost in translation. Fortunately, they find salvation in 7-Eleven, y ...

Surf Contest in Russia firmato Nixon !

Hossegor, FR- Early May this year, Benjamin Sanchis, Jonathan Gonzalez, Eric Rebière, Marlon Lipke, Marc Lacomare, Gony Zubizaretta, Vincent Duvignac, Kepa Acero and William Aliotti headed to the extremely remote peninsula of Kamchatka, Russia, to attend the 14th Edition of The Nixon Surf Challenge ( [url] ...

Siamo lieti di comunicarvi l'uscita del nuovo "webisode" marchiato SURF CULTURE.

In q​uesta puntata​ ​ vi rifarete gli occhi con tre biondi d′eccellenza, Alessanro Ponzanelli, Alessio Poli e Angelo Bonomelli, che ci porteranno in giro per la Toscana ​ ​durante una piccola swell di Libeccio.
Tra stile e manovre questo trio ci ha regalato una ...

L'international surf team di Protest è più attivo che mai e ha dato il benvenuto all'estate 2014 rilasciando sul web le prime foto ed i primi video tratti dalle session in Indonesia, Francia, alle Isole Barbados e sulle onde di casa nostra in Sardegna grazie al supporto del team manager Protest Italy Lorenzo Castagna.

Protest ha prodotto negli ultimi mesi ad un nuovo video project ...

Chi dice che essere genitore uccide l' ambizione ?

Meet Stuart Kennedy, Australian surfer, rider of eccentric shapes (by Tomo), WQS journeyman, new father, and professional ripper. NOW is following Stu this year as he tries to qualify for the World Championship Tour and still find time for family life and freesurfing. It's not going to be an easy road to the top for this Lennox Head ...

Scoprendo un paradiso del surf nel mezzo dell' Atlantico:

While winter storm Hercules was battering Europe Chris McClean of Atlantic Diversions slipped south to the Canary Islands, aka the Hawaiian islands of the Atlantic. Hooking up with Jose Maria Cabrera in Lanzarote, he spent a couple of days chasing shelter from the storm as it blew up the coast. After a lot of searching the th ...


Per la prima volta una tappa del circuito mondiale WORLD CHALLENGER SERIES di Stand Up Paddle, il circuito Waterman League con la partecipazione dei migliori atleti al mondo, si svolgerà in Italia presso il Surf Expo dal 25 al 27 luglio con un prize money importante: 10.000 USD!
La location prescelta è la bellissima spiaggia Santa Sever ...

Matt Banting, Maxime Huscenot and Jesse Gugielmana, from the Qukisilver surf team, went to Réunion Island looking for waves and they brought their drones and quadcopters with them. Check out this sick footage of them putting on a veritable clinic of new school tricks and old school power combos at South Réunion's famous reef, 'La Jetée'.

Click here to see the video - [url]h ...

La Nixon Surf Challenge 2014 corona Aliotti Tsar della lontana Russia est:

Hossegor, FR- The Nixon Surf Challenge 2014 in association with Monster Energy, Reef and Lomography just wrapped in the Russian Far-East, with William Aliotti (FRA) edging out last year’s winner and compatriot Vincent Duvignac (FRA) in the shadow of Kamchatka’s volcanoes to be crowned Overall Winner of the we ...

Fred Compagnon ha inventato un nuovo incredibile modo di cavalcare le onde :

Fred Compagnon is a Hossegor surfer who has invented an amazing new way to ride waves by combining his passion for stand up paddle boards and the finless strips of wood called alaias. When the waves get huge He paddles out with both boards and does step-offs from the SUP onto the alaia. It's weird, its wond ...

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